Mother and Daughter Reunited One Last Time

Colorado Springs, CO to Oklahoma City, OK – 70,200 Scene+ Points

Our mom’s mean the world to us and we would do anything to be by their side for a final goodbye. For Misty, when she received word her mom’s health was rapidly declining from her cancer, she knew she needed to be there. Unfortunately, the cost of a flight ticket was holding her back. The Hospice where her mom is suggested Mitsy reach out Give A Mile.

Misty wrote: “This flight would mean the world to me. It would allow me to have closer and see my mother before she passes.”

After meeting the criteria, Give A Mile granted Misty a flight of compassion. Thank you to our continued supporters who have donated unused airline miles to help make flights possible. Donate your unused miles today and help us connect more families like Misty and her mom.

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