Michelle and Nora

My brother-in-law was diagnosed with GIST in 2015.  This summer he and my sister learned that his tumors were growing, and his body was no longer responding to the medication.  In October, he was in the ICU and admitted again within about 2 weeks time due to some sepsis issues caused by problems with his liver.  It was during the latter visit that the drs discussed with them beginning. Currently my husband is in dental school in Philadelphia. We both work, however, due to the unexpected nature of this situation, we do not have the available excess funds to pay for a flight currently. The generosity of your donors would be such a blessing to our family. 

My daughter and I were able to fly to Houston in 2018 to help around the house when Mark had surgery for one of the tumor removals. I really cherished this time because I got to see him interacting with my daughter, and it was so special to see that connection. We were able to visit again in 2019 to help around the house again for a few weeks. Norah thinks back fondly on her memories of being in Texas with Uncle Mark and Aunt Jennifer. We’ve lived in Philadelphia since Norah was one. Most of our family members live in California, and it is hard to get out and visit, but we’ve been able to spend time in Texas with Jennifer and Mark, and she has great memories of her time there. Since his diagnosis, Mark has especially loved being around little children and seeing their fresh eyes of life and their positive energy around their home. Being able to visit at this time would help to bring that positive joy and energy that Mark enjoys with the little children. 

Departing: Philadelphia, PA

Arriving: Houston, TX

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