My Dad had a sudden heart attack last weekend and after his second surgery things are not looking so great. Parts of his heart has died, and they are not sure of his prognosis at this stage. The next few hours are critical. 

My dad is the most amazing person in my life, surrounded by girls he has only ever been supportive and strong and pushed us to be the best that we can. He never missed a chance to take us skiing, swimming, camping, skating or supporting us in all of our endeavors. Both my sisters are on their way to see him and it breaks my heart that I am still here. A highlight of my life was when I was 16 years old and playing indoor soccer. I was on a brilliant breakaway with the ball, made an amazing shot on net and scored the winning goal. (Not my typical game.) All I remember is my dad standing up, proud as punch yelling, “ATTA GIRL!! Just the way Daddy taught you!”  

That is my beautiful dad! Always and forever supporting me and my sisters through every step-in life!! It would mean the absolute world to be there to cheer him on to a healthy recovery. 

Departing: Calgary, AB

Arriving: Cancun, Mexico

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