Grieving One of the Last Holocaust Survivors

Flight story number: #1038, November 4, 2023.

Kelowna, British Columbia to Montreal, QC $1,574.55 CAD

The bond between mothers and daughters is unique: we turn to them when we need their wisdom and they model how to live our lives. But what if your mother is a holocaust survivor? Imagine the depths of her traumatic life lessons and the bond you’d share.
Debbie’s mother, Hanka, is one of the last holocaust survivors in Canada. Debbie says that she herself has learned how to be, “resilient and persevere in adversity through constantly trying to be humble and not allow myself to lose self-love or value. This comes from my special relationship with my mother.”
So when Debbie reached out about her dying 97-year-old mother, her story deeply touched our volunteers and donors. Debbie wrote of hearing the news of her mother’s imminent passing, “If I could be there to tell her she is comforted and that I’ll love her forever, perhaps I will give her, in whatever way she can hear it, some comfort… She is a holocaust survivor and has suffered enough.”
After meeting the criteria and thanks to a generous cash donation, Give A Mile was able to grant Debbie a flight of compassion to allow her to say goodbye to her mother and hopefully find some peace.

“I was meant to be here and I believe the volunteers at Give A Mile are my angels.”

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