Father’s Day 2021: Welcome Theo!

Many of our Give A Mile (GAM) flights bring families or lifelong friends together as someone is nearing their final days, and sometimes it’s a case of a critical illness or medical situation that needs a flight.

This story is also about making family memories, in fact making a family! And it was a new father, Richard, who related the story making it a great choice for the Father’s Day feature. Richard and wife Li had many years of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments and finally in summer 2020 Li was pregnant with twins. In late November it was discovered that one twin boy was not developing which threatened the life of the other. A medical procedure was attempted in their hometown Vancouver to save the stronger twin, but there were complications. Richard and Li had one hope: fly across Canada to Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital and try another surgical option. They were distraught about how to get the funds, book the flights and get there as fast as possible. A hospital social worker suggested contacting Give A Mile, they met the requirements, were booked, and in Toronto for surgery on the next day.

The amazing ending to this story is evidenced in this picture of little Theodore, born in April 2021. Theo is certainly a candidate baby for Galaxy’s Most Wanted, and this is the first Father’s Day for Richard and family.

We cannot express how grateful we are. [Give A Mile] volunteers’ compassion, skill and professionalism turned what was an anxiety-producing trip into a joyous beginning for our new family!

– Richard

In late April Give A Mile kicked off their 2021 Mother’s/Father’s Day Campaign with pandemic-modest goals of 10 flights awarded, 10 Flight Heroes, and 250,000 loyalty points donated. The premier sponsor is Bond Brand Loyalty Group whose slogan solving complex customer challenges is a perfect fit for Richard and Li, and many of the flight of compassion recipients situations.

Gifts of unused loyalty points (Aeroplan, Starwood, Marriott and Amex Rewards, etc.), or monetary support is easily given through the Give A Mile website DONATE NOW page. Fully 100% of funds and points are applied to flights of compassion and related taxes/fees for specific flight stories or in the general pool to be applied against any flight.

There is still time to support the Give A Mile 2021 Mother’s/Father’s Day Campaign. Help more loved ones share final farewell and create lasting memories through your generous giving. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to see events and flight of compassion celebrations. A 100% volunteer-driven organization, Give A Mile cannot work without the help of others. We want to award as many flights as possible this year, so even if you’re just spreading the word about us, we are grateful.