A Testament to Love, Hope, and Reunion Across Continents

Flight Story 1,099

From Lagos to Calgary – 79,780 Aeroplan Points

Deborah Jayeola’s journey from Lagos to Calgary is a poignant tale of unwavering love and dedication. Facing a heart-wrenching separation for four years, Deborah yearns to be by her husband’s side, who bravely battles metastatic lung cancer. This cancer has grievously spread to his bones and liver, leaving him in severe pain and undergoing intensive treatments.
Their story is one of enduring love and commitment, transcending continents and hardships. As her husband, a clergyman devoted to helping others, faces his own life-threatening challenge, Deborah’s presence will not only offer him comfort but also embody the strength and support he has always provided to their community.
A poem written by the Jayeola Family for Give A Mile
This flight, made possible by kind-hearted donors, symbolizes more than just a physical reunion; it’s a testament to the bonds of marriage and the power of love to overcome even the most daunting obstacles. It’s a journey of hope, bringing together a couple separated by distance but forever united in heart.
In this critical generosity turned Deborah’s longing into a reality, reuniting a loving wife with her ailing husband, and bringing a beacon of light into their lives during these challenging times.

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to you and everyone at Give A Mile. My husband and I are incredibly thankful for your support during this challenging time. Your kind presence has given us renewed hope and strengthened our resilience.

Every donation helps people reach their loved ones for one last hug, smile, and farewell.​

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