Moments and Memories: Sichang Li’s Request

This picture from August 2012 tells the story. It shows a smiling, healthy woman on the couch, surrounded by children and grandchildren. And her son Sichang Li is smiling too (front row, 2nd from left).

From China it was Sichang who made a request to Give A Mile for help to get a final visit with his mother, now in palliative care with Stage 4 stomach cancer in Calgary. In his words:

With this flight, I am going to see my mother who I used to talk to every day but do not get that chance anymore because of her illness. She is no longer able to pick up the phone or use the computer to talk to me. – Sichang Li

Sichang’s mother was given weeks to live and she desperately wanted to see her son, so in July 2017 he traveled to Calgary to share memories with her and extended family in Canada. Sichang has his own family, including a new grandchild, and his work in China but felt strongly that he had to share the final moments with his mother – no matter the financial burden.

Give A Mile granted Sichang a flight of compassion. The precious moments shared in Calgary were enriching for his mother, their extended family and friends. Sometimes you will not know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Founded in late 2012 by crowd-funding flights of compassion with unused travel miles, a 100% volunteer organization, Give A Mile celebrated a big “300 flights (and counting..)” milestone in early 2017. They have expanded the donation options and continue to build corporate partnerships and a volunteer base. Please donate or get involved with Give A Mile and allow important moments with mothers, grandmothers and other family members, when needed most.