GAM Uniting Loved Ones – Mike Mercer Request

Founded in late 2012 by crowd-funding flights of compassion with unused travel miles, a 100% volunteer organization, Give A Mile celebrated a big “300 flights (and counting..)” milestone in early 2017.

They have expanded the donation options and continue to build corporate partnerships and a volunteer base. Please donate or get involved with Give A Mile and allow important moments with sons, fathers, grandfathers and other family members to occur when they are needed most.

When you think of what is important in life, family nearly always is top of the list. And when you know you have limited time left, uniting with loved ones becomes vitally important. Sometimes it’s a wish to re-create an old memory, and other times its taking what might be the final opportunity to create a brand new one.

Mike Mercer was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in October 2016. It was just the next in a series of tough blows: his wife had died 3 years previous, he was laid off after decades with his company, and in October he was given 6-24 months to live. Telling his only family in Calgary, son Steve, was heart-wrenching but together they made a goal to get to Mark’s birthplace of Manchester, England. It would be the first time that father and son would go together to visit Mark’s 86 yr old father, and extended family.

Given the financial challenges, Mike reached out to Give A Mile to request flights of compassion for himself and son Steve. FcM Travel Solutions (Flight Centre) committed to be Flight Heroes and raise the 50,000 travel miles required to make these flights happen. And in early June 2017 Mark and Steve flew to England for one month, achieving their family visit goal. Steve got to see where his Dad grew up, meet family, hear many stories and create some new memories.