Famous Fours – Another Achievement

We all know of some famous fours, many were worn in the sport world. There is Bobby Orr in hockey, Lou Gehrig in baseball, and Brett Favre from the NFL.

Well Give A Mile (GAM) is now four years old, and they have just awarded their 400th flight of compassion. That means that in just less than every 4 days, GAM awards a flight.

What do our flight recipients ‘look’ like? They are families going to see a dying grandfather in PEI, a woman flying one-way to spend her last days in the Philippines, an auntie accompanying her sister to Philadelphia for her niece’s medical treatments, a dying man taking his son to Wales to visit his family there for the first time. So many different stories, all receiving help from Give A Mile to create special moments and lasting memories.

This 400th Flight milestone was reached during Give A Mile’s Holiday Spirit of Giving Campaign 2017. At this point we have nearly hit our goal of 50 flights awarded during the campaign. We have amazing corporate sponsors like Flight Centre Canada, but we need more loyalty points donated by individuals or groups who donate as Flight Heroes. So please take a moment to celebrate this 400th flight achievement, and help us get to the next target, 500 flights – in less than 5 years! Then we can talk about some famous 5s like Joe DiMaggio, Kevin Garnett, John Elway…