Give A Mile is a group of volunteers who believe strongly in the power of providing people in palliative or critical condition, who are in need, more time with the ones they love.

Beginning this year, we are going to profile some of the wonderful people that make this all happen.

Volunteer Spotlight – Maura McGowan

Maura McGowan is one of the GAM Originals. She began working with Give A Mile in early 2014, a few months after it was founded. In terms of volunteer activity, Maura has done it all, including:

  • Organizing Committee
  • Website Re-development Team (wrote content and guided overall look and feel)
  • Flight Review Team
  • GAM Grant Application Writer
  • GAM Blog writer (though she isn’t writing this one!)
  • Regular Volunteer Contribution at GAM events

 How did you get involved with Give A Mile?

“I am a ‘serial volunteer’; almost once per week in our sons’ French Immersion schools for nearly 20 yrs.. and with hockey and football community groups. That was fine until the youngest got to High School in 2013 and “suggested” that I stop coming to his school (AKA cramping his style), and perhaps find another volunteering outlet. Around that time a friend had posted on LinkedIn about a start-up charity that he was involved in and that was the first time I heard of Give a Mile (GAM) and met founder Kevin Crowe. The idea that we could take unused travel miles and fulfill someone’s dying wish seemed so logical that I was compelled to help.”

Life outside Give a Mile

“People ask: ‘Where are you from?’ and I always wonder how much time they have to hear the answer! I was born in Quebec City and moved to San Diego area before school started. I then moved back to Canada, (London, ON) and finished High School there. I graduated from a little residential, primarily undergrad university in Nova Scotia, St. Francis Xavier, which now has 4 generations of my family running through it. I then worked 10 years (in English and French) in Montreal, and since have lived and worked as an IT Project Manager/Program Manager in Halifax, NS and now Calgary, AB, where my husband was coaching university football. I love the game!”

Maura_2Are you interested in getting involved? If so, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact us at [email protected].

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