Reuniting Mom and Daughters for a Final Goodbye.

Mapleridge, BC to Sault Ste Marie, ON (166,084 Aeroplan Miles & $13.54)

After being urgently admitted to hospital, Christine was diagnosed as being in the late stages of cancer with only a short time left to live.   Her sister Jennifer and her mum wanted to be by her bedside to see her before she died.

Jennifer contacted Give a Mile to ask if we could help bring her and their mother to be reunited with Christine. She said  “My sister is my only sibling…she is my best friend. I need to see her before she goes onto another life. I am still completing shocked. I feel so heartbroken and frustrated, because I don’t have the money to go see her and would appreciate any help you can provide to getting us to Christine before it’s too late.  I plead for anyone’s help.  I can’t stand the fact that she’s alone. God bless and thank you in advance”

Thanks to our donors, Give a Mile approved two flights to bring the family to Christine’s bedside to be by her side and say goodbye. 

If you can help someone in a similar situation, please donate today.

2 thoughts on “Reuniting Mom and Daughters for a Final Goodbye.”

  1. I know your pain i just lost my only parent that i had left was my mom and now she is free with the angels and she is not in pain no more.
    I am just wondering how other people delt with there grif just let me know because i am going through a tuff time exceping that she is gone

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