Overseas family brought to support young mother

Manila to Calgary – (168,500 Aeroplan points and $117)

July 2022 – As mom to an 18-month-old toddler, Janessa should be embracing this stage of motherhood and looking forward to a future with her family.  But instead, she’s dealing with a terminal diagnosis of cervical cancer that has spread to her lungs and is planning for the fact that she has only 6-12 months left to live.  

Janessa contacted Give A Mile herself to ask if we could help to bring her mother and father-in-law from the Phillipines to help care for her, their grandchild, and prolong their stay to help support their son after the loss of his wife. 

Thanks to our donors, Give A Mile approved two flights to bring Janessa the support she clearly needs during this difficult time. 


Can you help in a situation like this?  We need donations of miles and money so that when someone like Janessa reaches out to us, we can help.  Please donate. 


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