Mother’s Day 2021: Neoli’s Challenge

Mother’s Day celebrates mothers and motherhood, and their influence in families and society. Many of our Give A Mile blogs demonstrate the strength of maternal and family bonds.

Sometimes the flight of compassion recipient is the mother figure; often it is someone longing to be with a mother who has critical illness or is in palliative care. In late April Give A Mile kicks off their 2021 Mother’s/Father’s Day Campaign during which the goals are: 10 flights awarded, 10 Flight Heroes, and 250,000 loyalty points donated.

In one such story Neoli left her family in southern Brazil over a decade ago and has managed to visit annually from her new home in Canada. In 2015 her mother was diagnosed with cancer and had part of a lung removed. After chemotherapy treatment was complete, cancer returned. Additional health complications with

heart and diabetes meant that most subsequent visits by Neoli have been spent beside her mother, in hospital. In 2018 an older sister was receiving chemotherapy for lymphoma presenting additional challenge for the family. Neoli was fortunate to get time off from work, without pay, and a flight of compassion was awarded.

Thank you Give A Mile for all your fabulous work helping people to connect with their families.
– Neoli (pictured with her mother, right)

Neoli’s flight to Brazil, and the return flight five week s later was made possible by donations of dollars and loyalty points, and through the support of Give A Mile sponsors.

The 2021 Mother’s/Father’s Day Campaign premier sponsor is Bond Brand Loyalty Group whose slogan solving complex customer challenges is a perfect fit for Neoli and many of the flight of compassion recipients situations.

Gifts of unused loyalty points (Aeroplan, Starwood, Marriott and Amex Rewards, etc.), and monetary or volunteer-time offerings are easily done through the Give A Mile website DONATE NOW page. These will help us make our target to raise funds and points for 10 flights of compassion, 10 Flight Heroes, and 250,000 loyalty points donated during 2021 Mother’s Day Campaign. Fully 100% of funds and points are applied to flights of compassion and related taxes/fees for specific flight stories or in the general pool to be applied against any flight.

Support the Give A Mile 2021 Mother’s/Father’s Day Campaign. Help more loved ones share final farewell and create lasting memories through your generous giving. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to see events and flight of compassion celebrations. A 100% volunteer-driven organization, Give A Mile could not work without the help of others. We want to award as many flights as possible this year, so even if you’re just posting a message about us, we are grateful.