Nelia has 2 primary cancers, Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer with spread to her liver and lungs. Her Cancer is very advanced, she was never able to manage Chemo or any form of treatment and has had significant decline in the last month, prognosis is months.”

As you know I’m terminally ill and my nephew Kevin is my first nephew that I watched grow over the years and treated him like he’s my own son when I thought I wouldn’t be able to have a child. I saw him go through his ups and downs.– Until he left the Philippines to follow his dreams in Australia; where he studied and worked in the palliative care field in for almost 8 years, hence why I would like to be with him and be able to experience his care even for just a short period of time. Being able to fly him and be here by my side can also give me an absolute assurance and contentment that I am in good hands as well as my daughter. Thank you in advance for giving me this opportunity to be with one of the most important people in my life during this difficult time.

Departing: Manila, Philippines

Arriving: Toronto, ON

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