A Journey To Say Goodbye

Flight Story 1129

From Medford, OR to Birmingham, AL – 30,000 United Miles + $15.20 CAD

Anna’s urgent journey from Oregon to Alabama carried the weight of a deep emotional need. At just 34 years old, she faced the challenge of saying a final goodbye to her mother after many years of a complicated relationship. Although in touch daily since her mother attempted to end her own life a few weeks prior, suddenly her mother’s condition changed, and she unexpectedly faced the last days of her life.
Anna’s life has been touched by both love and loss. Unable to say goodbye to her father when he too died by suicide when she was only 16, Anna was driven by a deep need to be present, to ensure her mother did not face her final moments alone.
In this state of emotional desperation, Anna turned to Give A Mile. Through our generous donors, Give A Mile was able to provide Anna with the flight needed to reach Birmingham promptly. Our donors’ kindness ensured that Anna did not miss the chance to be by her mother’s side and say the goodbyes that were left unsaid to her father.
In Birmingham, Anna was able to spend time with her mother and be by her side when she passed. She reached out afterwards with this to say about the experience:

“I reached out late that night to Give A Mile, honestly thinking I would not hear back given the nature of my mother's condition. Suicide has such a stigma. But I heard back so quickly and was on a flight across the country the next day. I got to spend a few days with my mom before she passed. I was able to make some positive memories where I previously held so few. Those days were precious. Being able to say goodbye was precious. The gift of that trip home changed the death experience for the better for both of us. It provided us with a chance to forgive and to let go. I would be a different person now without that gift. Because I was able to be there, she didn't have to be alone, but also I am better able to heal and move forward. I am so grateful.”

As evidenced in Anna’s story, every donation and mile contributed adds up to more than just travel; it’s compassion in action. It’s an acknowledgment that while we cannot change the outcomes, we can impact the journey and the dignity with which these final moments are met.

Every donation helps people reach their loved ones for one last hug, smile, and farewell.​

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