Volunteer Spotlight – Heidi Stobert

Heidi Stobert has been a Give A Mile volunteer since early 2016. These are some of the things she participates in:

  • Communications strategist
  • Social media creation
  • Marketing contribution
  • Regular participation at Give A Mile volunteer events

Sometimes great things just sort of fall into your lap!  Certainly that’s what happened when Give A Mile approached someone to take on our social media, and she did not have time. What’s so great about that? Well she recommended her friend Heidi Stobert who did have time, and once Heidi got to know what Give A Mile is about and met the team, she was in!

Heidi has formal education and experience in social media and communications. She has both paid and not-for-profit social media experience and Heidi’s own words best describe what has kept her interested over the last year with Give A Mile:

“I recently took on more responsibility as the overall communications strategist, on top of the social media role. I felt my skills and ideas could really be used for the strategic role, and our team agreed and offered me the job. I love that I have the opportunity to lead and organize our marketing and communications volunteer team, and be able to bring my ideas forward to make our organization even better.”

When asked what advice she might have for others interesting in volunteering with Give A Mile, Heidi spoke about team commitment, the value of the providing flights of compassion when they are most needed, and that all the volunteers have fun with what they do. She would love to add to the Communications Team, and there are other volunteer opportunities too. In typical Heidi fashion, she added this about the volunteer experience: Some of us are huggers, so I hope you like hugs!

Are you interested in getting involved? If so, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact Give A Mile at [email protected].