GAM Mother’s Day Story 2018: …To Hold Her Hand And Comfort Her

Living in Kamloops, BC Lynda Dupere felt so far away from her ailing mother in Quebec City, and Lynda’s life situation made it difficult to find the funds to get there.

Her mother had been diagnosed with cancer and was failing. So Lynda knew she had to find a way to get to Quebec City, and turned to Give A Mile (GAM). Lynda quickly became the beneficiary of the generous donations to GAM of unused travel miles and cash.

Lynda flew from Kamloops to Quebec City in late March 2018 where she spent “beautiful time” with her 88-year old mother, in palliative care at home. Their time together was full of visits from family, sharing laughter and memories. She was encouraged as her mother’s energy and appetite were good, but one night at dinnertime she called Lynda to look at her leg which was swollen and blue. An ambulance was called but her mother had passed away before they arrived.

“[In the end] it was fast and I don’t believe she suffered too much. The blessing I had was to be able to be there with her and hold her hand and comfort her. To be with my mom on her last breath is a moment, yes so sad, but precious because I was there with her holding her hand…”     – Lynda Dupere

In a GAM flight follow-up e-mail Lynda expressed her gratitude at being selected to receive a Give A Mile flight of compassion allowing her to spend quality time with her mother. Founded in late 2012 by crowd-funding flights of compassion with unused travel miles, a 100% volunteer organization, Give A Mile is currently in a Mother’s Day campaign. They have expanded the donation options and continue to build corporate partnerships and a volunteer base. Please donate or get involved with Give A Mile and allow important moments with mothers, grandmothers and other family members, when needed most.