Father’s Day 2019: Uniting Sandra’s Family

Sometimes the flight of compassion recipient is a father, or is going to see their father for a final farewell. Each story is different, as you can see in last year’s Give a Mile Father’s Day blog.

In this case it was Sandra who had received the grim medical diagnosis, and her dream was to see the extended family she had never before met, including a half-brother, in Ireland. This touched several fathers in Sandra’s expanded family.

Sandra was facing another round of cancer treatment and applied to Give A Mile for a flight to meet her brother and family in Ireland. Through the generosity of individual donors and of Mother’s/Father’s Day campaigns sponsor AirStart, who have a passion for all things aviation, Sandra was able to travel from Canada to Glendalough, south of Dublin. There she met her “new” family from Ireland and some who had traveled even from Australia. By the end of the trip Sandra had met and expanded her family by: 3 uncles, 4 aunts, and 14 first-cousins – many of them fathers! The positive emotions helped Sandra to face an MRI, radiography mask creation, oncologist visit, and IV treatments in the days following her return to Canada.

I cannot thank Give A Mile enough for their gracious gift… not of reuniting a family, but uniting a family.

– Sandra (lower left)

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