Father’s Day 2018: I’m Sure My Father Is Watching Over Me

Most of our Give A Mile flight of compassion recipients do make it to see their loved one in critical care. But every once in a while, the person passes away before the flier can reach them.

This is one such story, in honour of Father’s Day. That might sound like a strange “honour” but please read Lyse’s story and her own words of gratitude.

Lyse applied for a flight from Calgary to Ottawa to see her father at end of life. Like many in Calgary, she was affected by the economic downturn so very thankful that she was granted the flight. A Give A Mile corporate partnership with ever-supportive travel industry company Flight Centre allowed Lyse to travel. However, by the time she got to Ottawa, her father had just passed away. Yet Lyse was thankful:

“I came back last Saturday (April 14th). Firstly, I want to thank [Give A Mile] for giving me the opportunity to be with my siblings and my mother during this very difficult time. Although, my father past away before I had the opportunity to see him the last time, the funeral was just beautiful and all of us we received a beautiful photo album of wonderful memories with him.”

That is not where this Father’s Day flight story ends however. While Lyse was in Ottawa she took the opportunity to apply for work and interview feeling compelled to be closer to family after her father’s end of life service.

“Yesterday, I received a phone call from a consulting firm to inform me  that their clients accepted my application and I got a HR Consulting  job in Ottawa for one year… This is how meaningful my trip was. I am sure my father is watching over me and helping me.

Thanks again for your kindness and support.” – Lyse

Founded in late 2013 by crowd-funding flights of compassion with unused travel miles, Give A Mile is a 100% volunteer organization that has awarded over 460 flights in 4-and-a-half years. and is currently in a Father’s Day campaign. They have expanded the donation options and continue to build corporate partnerships and a volunteer base. Please donate or get involved with Give A Mile and allow important moments with fathers, grandfathers, and other family members when it’s needed most.