Be A Flight Hero

Use Your Influence to Fund a Give A Mile Flight

Compassion truly takes flight with the help of our incredible Flight Heroes, who run dedicated fundraising campaigns in their communities with hopes of raising enough miles to support one flight for someone in need. 

Teamwork Makes the Donations Work

The goal of a Flight Hero campaign is to challenge friends, family and colleagues to pledge their frequent flyer miles towards a flight of compassion for a deserving family.

No miles to give? No problem! Encourage your friends to donate their dollars instead and you will be one step closer to your Give A Mile goal. 

Choose Your Challenge

Flight Hero campaigns follow a tiered approach to fundraising, with Give A Mile goals starting at 10,000 points for a one-way flight. 

Why Host a Flight Hero Campaign?

Time with family and friends is always a gift, but not everyone has the means to visit their loved ones near the end of life. By hosting a Flight Hero campaign, you’re helping give people the opportunity to share one last smile, hug, and goodbye. 

How to Become a Flight Hero

If you’ve been inspired to help Give A Mile support a family in need, here’s how to get started as a Flight Hero: 

STEP 1: Register and Receive Give A Mile’s Flight Hero Welcome Package

Once you register as an individual or on behalf of your business, you’ll receive instructions with everything you need to know to run a successful campaign. Plus, Give A Mile will also provide you with support from a Flight Hero Coach who will be there to help you along the way.

STEP 2: Connect With Your Network

Reach out to friends, family, colleagues and social media followers to get the word out about your Flight Hero campaign, what Give A Mile is all about and how they can get involved.

STEP 3: Cultivate Community with a Fundraiser

Get creative during your campaign with a fundraising event to reach more donors! Whether it’s a silent auction, trivia night, bake sale, fun run, your Flight Hero Coach will help you plan the perfect event to get your people together for a great cause. 

STEP 4: Post Regular Campaign Updates

Keep your network updated on your efforts, which you can track on your dedicated Flight Hero campaign page. Send out weekly email blasts, share your progress on social media, and keep the momentum going as you get closer to your Give A Mile goal! 

STEP 5: Celebrate Your Success

No matter how many travel points are pledged, or how much money is raised, your Flight Hero campaign will help our organization give a family the priceless gift of a final goodbye.    

Register to start your journey as a Flight Hero today! 

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