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She wanted to be with her grandchild, Kim. Kim had a bucket list- she had time to do this- she journeyed with cancer for over six years. One thing she wanted to stroke off the list was camping with family. It happened – twice!

She wanted grandma there at the end. Grandma was there when she transferred from home, and went to hospice when it was time. She didn’t want to go, but knew it was time- and grandma made the journey with her.

She journaled for three days in hospice- and an entry in the journal expressed how happy she was to have her dear grandmother with her, as she made a very uncomfortable ride in the ambulance to hospice tolerable. She was there to hold her hand, and comfort her.

Grandma was at the bedside, along with Kim’s mom, along with other family she loved, when she left this world

– Grandmother wanting to be with her granddaughter, who was nearing end of life in Calgary