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Info for Care Providers

Give A Mile’s mission is to provide flights for loved ones to be together during times of terminal or critical illness. This is done through crowd-funding donations of frequent traveller loyalty points, and cash donations. We are a 100% donation based, 100% volunteer run Canadian registered non-profit organization.

To date, we have given over 500 flights to every continent (with exception of Antarctica). Established in 2015, we have raised over 17 million points for flights to families in need across Canada and globally. Here is one example. Our long term goal is to raise and give away 1 billion points.


Here’s a video that features our founder, Kevin Crowe, talking about the organization’s mission and inspiration:



How can I support this process as a Physician, NP, RN, SW ?

A traveller profile must be completed and submitted by each person requesting a flight. The applicant (person who is travelling) needs to outline how the flight request aligns to the need of loved ones being together during the critical or terminal illness. There is a dedicated area on the application form for this information.

Please fax or email, confirming the terminal or critical illness, and the urgency of the request. Include your contact information.
Any travel requirements (visa, passport) are the responsibility of the traveller.

Once this information is received, it is forwarded to a flight review team for approval, usually done within 24 hrs from receipt of the documents.


Urgent requests can be processed within several hours.



Can more than one person apply?

Yes, we evaluate each individual situation, however, cannot guarantee the approval of all flights.

We do not provide flights for medical appointments or funerals.

There is a financial means section on the flight traveller profile.

We do not reimburse for previously purchased and unused flights.

After a flight has been approved and travelled, another flight request cannot be granted for same family or individual.

We provide flights for international family members to fly to Canada or Canadians to fly to family members located internationally.


For more information, please see our general FAQ section.


Any questions please email us at [email protected].