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Flight #141

Woman With Terminal Cancer To Return To Homeland

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Bridgetown, Barbados

Flights of Compassion Required: 2

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 80,000

Points Raised: 80,000

Points to go: 0

I have angiosarcoma which is a terminal cancer in my head that has no cure; therefore, I am dying and the only treatment available to me is Chemotherapy. I will have chemo until I die. I would like to go to my home land of Barbados to see my mother, father, brother, and aunt before I die. My mother is 92 years old and will be 93 god spare her life in May. My father is 89 and my aunt is 87. My brother is my best friend we are very close, I talk to him often. I was in Barbados a year ago when I was diagnosed with this disease and had to return to Canada immediately. Prior to getting sick I used to spend 6 months there to help my brother look after my elderly parents. It was a shock to my mother for me to leave so quickly. She did not understand and still does not understand why I am not there. When I speak to her she constantly asks me when I am coming back. I tell her soon but she does not understand that I am terminally ill.  My doctors have said that I may live for 24 months, but it could be less than 12 months. They really are unsure as this disease is vary rare and very aggressive. My entire face has become deformed and is swollen which cannot be fixed. I am losing my sight in one eye and am losing my hearing. I really would like to go home and see my family as I am the oldest child and was the one that everyone depended on throughout the years. I also would like to go and put my affairs in order there so that it will be easier for my daughter to deal with everything once I am gone. My daughter is currently looking after me by herself full time and I will need her to travel with me as my doctors have advised me that I can no longer travel alone. It would mean everything in the world to me to see my family just one more time so I can say goodbye as I will not see them again in this life. As my condition deteriorates I will soon get to a point where going will no longer be an option. I have asked the permission of my oncologist Dr. Henning, and he has given me the permission to go as he felt it was important for me to see them again, as most likely this will be the last time. My reason for asking for your generosity is that my daughter was laid off and we have no savings. We are here in Alberta by ourselves, we have been here for 4 years now, and we are struggling so there is no way we could pay for this trip. If we were able to stop in Toronto for a few days, where we are from, so that I may see my grandchildren, great grandchildren, friends, and work colleagues just one last time as I know that I will never see them again. I was a psych nurse for over 40 years there and my family are so important to me, they are what I have lived for my whole life. At this time it is difficult to know that I am going to leave them behind. This also means a lot to me because this will be the last time I will be able to go there with my daughter and this will be our very last trip together. I want this memory for her, to have always.