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Flight #421

Woman With Cancer Will Travel To Husband Who Is Very Ill As Well

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Flights of Compassion Required: 1

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 15,000

Points Raised: 15,000

Points to go: 0

Brian is a patient I have known for approximately 8 months. He is a kindhearted and very easy going man who unfortunately has had less than smooth sailing. He was diagnosed with leukemia last year. He received chemotherapy and then a bone marrow transplant with his sister being the donor. Unfortunately, Brian was in Vancouver for 6 months and was only home for a few short weeks when he started getting severe stomach pains. He was flown back to Vancouver immediately to the leukemia program here. He found out his body has rejected the transplant and he has gotten what is called graft vs. host disease which unfortunately in his case has not been responsive to any of the steroids and medications the medical team have tried. During this process, he has also now caught a life threatening infection in his leg. His family has been told to come down immediately as things do not look good for this gentleman as unfortunately his body is not handling the transplant. Unfortunately, his wife Alberta has not been able to come down much for the duration of this as she has been battling her own cancer for which she has been receiving treatment up north. The pair have been unable to work for a year due to both of their health issues and this flight will be a financial burden on his wife. He also has two children and grandchildren that he has not been able to see for a very long time due to all of this. This letter requests that you fly Brian’s spouse down as soon as possible.