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Flight #82

Woman with cancer to visit parents in Philippines

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Manila, Philippines

Flights of Compassion Required: 1

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 90,000

Points Raised: 90,000

Points to go: 0

I am Clarin, a 44 year old Filipino woman who was diagnosed with left sided invasive ductal carcinoma stage 3-C last summer. I had a 6.1cm tumor which culminated in a left mastectomy and axillary dissection. Because doctors found 5 of 18 nodes recovered from my axilla demonstrated metastatic disease I was initially started on FEC-D chemotherapy but after the second cycle of the FEC portion I developed a left sided hemiplegia due to a mild stroke. I was admitted at Foothills hospital for 7 days and at that point my chemotherapy was temporarily stopped. After I was discharged from the hospital my Oncologist switched my chemotherapy drug to adjuvant paclitaxel which was given on a weekly basis for 12 cycles. In the course of having staging investigations, doctors found hepatic cysts and a right ovarian nodule but no evidence of metastatic disease. After my chemotherapy, I had adjuvant radiation therapy as recommended by my Oncologist. During my radiation period, I had an Ultrasound of my thyroid performed and the result prompted my Oncologist to recommend a biopsy in which the result is negative.

At present I have finished all of my treatment without my family by my side because they are all in the Philippines. I wanted my parents to come and be with me during my treatment which is why I asked for help from Bernie, a Social Worker at Tom Baker, who referred me to Kevin with the Give a mile foundation. When I had the chance to talk with Kevin I didn’t push through with the plan for the reason that I can’t afford to pay for my parents insurance. I just tried to be strong for myself and for my family back home because they are depending on me. I tried not to feel down and feel depressed during this challenging ordeal in my life. Because of the power of prayers and the emotional support of my family and friends I feel better now. My Oncologist has given me until next year to rest and recover from the rough times that I experienced. Because of this rough and challenging ordeal that I’ve been through and battling this disease alone I have not been able to go back to work and I haven’t been able to see my family for more than 5 years. Now that my doctor allows me to travel, with your kind heart, I would like to ask for your help. If you could help me take care of my airfare to go back to my native land to see my loved ones. Heaven knows how much I have missed them and I’m very sure that they would be of greater help with regards to my recovery. Hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you.