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Flight #67

Woman to see family in Philippines

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Manila, Philippines

Flights of Compassion Required: 2

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 200,000

Points Raised: 200,000

Points to go: 0

I’m Eleonor O. Perez, 49 years old. Last December 05, 2013, I was diagnosed Breast Cancer and on January 08, 2014 was my bi-lateral Mastectomy Surgery. On February 13, 2014 was my Chemotherapy Treatment for 6 cycle every 21 days and finished last July 2014. After three weeks I had my Radiation Treatment for 16 times every day. But during my Chemotherapy treatment there were several test being conducted like CT scan, MRI, Blood Works and Heart Test (Muga Test). During these several test, they found out that I have Cyst in my Pancreas. That’s why my Oncologist Dr. P. Tang referred me to Pancreas Surgeon Dr. C. Bull. The said surgeon recommended the immediate surgery because the cyst is big and needs to remove right away. Therefore, I had my Pancreas Surgery last August 11, 2014 after my radiation treatment. I spent almost one month in Foothill Medical Centre because after the surgery my pancreas leaked and they have to treat the leak and the infection. During those time, I experienced Depression, Anxiety, Hopeless, Fear and I could not even eat well and sleep because of my situation at the same time horrible effect of the treatment. All my family were physically, mentally and emotionally affected. I got my strength through my Faith and Trust in God, my husband who gave his full support and care. And also my friends here and my parents, sisters, brothers, relatives back home. I’m also experiencing a very stressful situation of my two teenagers (17 years old daughter and 16 years old son).I was frustrated to my daughter because she was dropped-out from school and lived with her boyfriend then recently found out that she was pregnant. My 16 years old son was very stubborn, no respect and not helping at all. They both didn’t understand our situation. Right now, I’m still on my Herceptin and Tamoxifen treatment for my breast cancer at Tom Baker Cancer Centre and recovery period of my pancreas from surgery. I’ve been through a lot of challenges in my life and I’m still off my work for two years as long term disability. My husband have also a health issues and he is the only working. I really want to go for vacation in the Philippines to be with my parents (they both old already), brothers, sisters, relatives including my mother-in-law who really gave support through their prayers but we were very tight in terms of financial. I’m very excited to be with my family after those struggled/battling my illness. I want my husband and two sons who are 6 years old and 16 years old to accompany me during my trip. It is the best time and opportunity for me to go for vacation for a break especially that all my Doctors allow me to travel. Also, I will be attending the first family reunion of my husband at the same time birthday of my mother-in-law who is turning to 90 years old. Our plan is to stay one month in the Philippines staring July 17, 2015 until August 17, 2015 with the Grace and Mercy of the Almighty Father. I hope and pray that you understand my situation. Looking forward your wholehearted consideration and benevolent approval of my request. Thank you very much in advance and may the Blessing and Mercy of the Almighty God be with you.