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Flight #244

Woman And Two Children To Be With Loved One In Critical Care

North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Flights of Compassion Required: 3

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 45,000

Points Raised: 0

Points to go: 45,000

Dale was out in the fields with his uncle Donnie. Dale was on the tractor when it stopped, started again, and jerked him off. He fell, got caught in the wheel, and it ran over him. He has broken ribs, hips, and wrist. He has been in for surgery a few times since then and is now on breathing tubes. I am a single mother of two and we are trying to find a way to see him. I am on ODSP and that provides enough for food, shelter, and clothes for our children. I have been informed he is going to be a patient for a while but I am not sure how long that will be. We have no other means of funding our transportation.