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Flight #158

Son With Palliative Cancer To Visit Elderly Parents In Korea

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seoul, Korea

Flights of Compassion Required: 1

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 75,000

Points Raised: 75,000

Points to go: 0

I am Eugene, a 56 year old father, husband, son and terminal cancer patient. In January 2014, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent surgery to have a section of my colon removed with a tumor. However, the cancer had already spread to the rest of my body, and currently sits in my liver, lungs, lymph paths, and T-spine to this day. For the past two and half years I received around 50 sessions of chemotherapy in an attempt to contain the ever-growing cancer cells and extend my life.
Thankfully, in my fight against this persistent disease I am still pushing beyond the time that I was given by the doctors, day by day. However I recently was notified that there is no more medication left to treat my condition. We went through numerous types over the last couple of years to not much improvement. As I sit in palliative care one of my wishes is to be able to see my parents and sibling who reside in Korea and who I have not seen for a long time. My parents who are both over 80 years old cannot visit in my home here in Canada and I am afraid by delaying my seeing them I will not another opportunity. This trip, if you will grant me support could be the last time I will see my family in Korea and give my farewells. Thank you.