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Flight #95

Man To Return Home To China To Be With Family In His Remaining Time

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Shanghai, China

Flights of Compassion Required: 1

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 37,500

Points Raised: 40,000

Points to go: -2,500

Weixin is a 26 year old man, originally from China,  who came to Canada in 2010 to do his Master’s Degree in Computer Science at the University of Winnipeg which he completed in 2012.  After completing his Master’s Degree, he applied for a work visa and went back to China until it was granted.  He came back to Canada in January 2013 and worked as a software engineer for a small company in Burnaby.  He was laid off but applied for and was offered another job in Victoria.  Right around the same time, he received the devastating news that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer.  Since his diagnosis, he has been in and out of hospital in Vancouver General, the BC Cancer Agency and Burnaby Hospital. He is a very ill young man, first with chemotherapy and then with a major abdominal infection and liver ascites. He has had his infections drained numerous times, but unfortunately the abscesses are so widespread in his liver that he can no longer tolerate chemotherapy and Weixin will need to be on antibiotics for life.