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Flight #424

Husband And Wife Return Home For A Last Visit With Her Siblings

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Flights of Compassion Required: 2

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 30,000

Points Raised: 30,000

Points to go: 0

In August of 2018 my wife Jackie was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer and given months to live. Thankfully our Oncologist in Vancouver had the wisdom to start her immunotherapy in Vancouver, and agreed with our plan to move to Calgary to be with our Daughter and receive care from the Amazing Tom Baker Cancer Centre. We left New Westminster and all of our extended family back in BC to come to Calgary to increase her chance at a quality life. They said she had six months, and we are now going on 10 months! We don’t know how much longer she has but she would like to see her brothers and sisters for what could be her last time. We would very much appreciate your kindness if you allow us to spend 2 weeks visiting family in Vancouver. Thank you for your consideration and kindness in our time of need and may God bless you all.