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Flight #266

Flight Hero: Elite Travel Management

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Flights of Compassion Required: 2

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 50,000

Points Raised: 38,911

Points to go: 11,089

The flight recipient, Shelley,  has a mom, Joan, who is in hospice care at the Marjorie Willoughby Snowdon Hospice Home. Shelley moved her to hospice after 28 days in the ICU and stroke unit at the Royal Inland Hospital.

On November 13, at the age of 68, Shelley’s mom suffered an extensive brain bleed on the brain stem. They were informed by two neurosurgeons and two hospitalist doctors that she would never have a meaningful recovery. Despite their hopes and prayers, this proved to be true.

Shelley’s fiancé, Mark , and Shelley have flown to Kamloops from Calgary on November 14 – 16, November 23 – 28, and December 9 – 13.  They must travel back one more time to be with her in her final days to provide her with the peace, safety, comfort and support of their presence. Shelley is Joan’s only daughter and needs to be with her when she passes just as she know Joan would be there for her.

Shelley and Mark discussed traveling by car (7 hours), but the forecasts are calling for bad winter driving conditions this next and final trip out. These roads are notorious for avalanches and bad winter road conditions. They are not sure how much more stress they can add on.

With flights, hotels, car rentals and meals they have exhausted their travel funds. The extra days needed and flight changes that were made due to her fluctuating medical condition has added to these costs. Mark has been laid off from his work as a steamfitter/pipefitter since the middle of October so they have limited funds to begin with. 

It is short notice but they would greatly appreciate any help you may be able to provide. They are looking for a flight for Shelley and Mark from Calgary to Kamloops on Saturday, December 16 and a return flight to Calgary for both once mom has passed.

Flight Hero Sponsor:

Elite Travel Management has committed to helping Give A Mile raise at least 25,000 miles to support further flights of compassion.

We are so thankful for all the miles donated and the help this provides us to award flights to people seeking hope, hugs, and togetherness with loved ones in their time of greatest need.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you or someone you know is in need of a flight of compassion.