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Flight #112

Flight Hero: Craft Beer Journal

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Flights of Compassion Required: 1

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 25,000

Points Raised: 25,000

Points to go: 0

I am a 65 year old man who has been living in Edmonton for the past 3 years.  Over this time my health has begun to diminish and I have very limited support in way of family of friends who live in this city whom I can rely on.  In addition I was in a car accident which led to me being hospitalized at the University of Alberta Hospital and then at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital for a number of months.  During this time, my very supportive daughter in BC has encouraged me to return home to BC and has even offered to let me stay with her and her family so that they call can offer me the emotional an physical support I need to improve and recover and improve the quality of my life.  Without them I would be living along with no help from friends and family.  I am requesting help with the cost of this flight as I have no funds available to fly.  I can no longer drive due to medical reasons and my current fragile state.  Once in BC my daughter and her husband have offered to support me however finances are a concern to them at this time as well.  This leaves travel to this destination as a real barrier due to the limited finances that are available. Any help in this area would be me with great and sincere appreciations

Thank you for considering me for this program.  I appreciate the great things the program does. 

Flight Hero Sponsor:

Craft Beer Journal (@craftbeer_jrnl) has committed to helping Give A Mile raise at least 25,000 miles for one of the 25 flights of compassion that we hope to make possible this 2015 holiday season.

We are so thankful for all the miles donated and the help this provides us to award flights to people seeking hope, hugs and togetherness with loved ones in their time of greatest need.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you or someone you know is in need of a flight of compassion.