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Flight #511

Flight Hero: Team Lindved Prior

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
London, United Kingdom

Flights of Compassion Required: 1

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 25,000

Points Raised: 25,000

Points to go: 0

A Message From The Flight Recipient:

I am a vibrant, hardworking, and compassionate woman.  My early career was spent in South Africa, where I volunteered at a Non-Profit in HIV/AIDS awareness for youth from less privileged neighbourhoods.  I also worked professionally while my husband studied full-time. We had three young children at the time. Some years later, we relocated and became Canadian citizens and were blessed to call Calgary Home.  In Canada, my husband and I worked and back through volunteering for various causes.  Our time has been full of many blessings, such as raising our children and working and serving and paying our dues.  In 2014 the global Oil and gas crisis hit, and my husband lost his job.  We decided to upgrade academically and downsize unsuccessfully due to the poor property market. This led to significant debt.

We started this year hopeful as my husband had completed his exams and was ready to secure a job.  I got laid off in Feb 2020.  A few months later, my husband lost his dad, then the lock-down and a cancer diagnosis in September. I was stretched with the burdens of family.  Since then, he has been unable to secure meaningful employment. This trip will allow me to enjoy the time with my family that lives in Europe and family members that will travel from Nigeria. 

Thank you to all the donors for making dreams come true!


Flight Hero Sponsor:

Team Lindved Prior has committed to helping Give A Mile raise at least 25,000 miles to support further flights of compassion.

We are so thankful for all the miles donated and the help this provides us to award flights to people seeking hope, hugs, and togetherness with loved ones in their time of greatest need.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you or someone you know is in need of a flight of compassion.