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Flight #92

Father To Fly To Be With 8 Month Old Son With Liver Failure

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Flights of Compassion Required: 1

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 15,000

Points Raised: 15,000

Points to go: 0

Doctors have told my wife that there was nothing they could do for my son because he needed a liver transplant and since Jamaica does not have those services he would die. My wife called me in a panic from Jamaica and I told her to come to Canada. Our income is limited and since my wife is the only one working in order to get them to Canada we had to use my school savings to fly them to SK.
I picked up my wife and son from the airport and we noticed Raheem was breathing heavily so we proceeded to take him to the Saskatoon hospital. At that time Raheem was transferred from Saskatoon to Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton via air ambulance.
The only support we have in Canada are my brother and sister-in-law. Currently, I am not working as I planned on going to school first and then finding a job that fit’s my schedule – I am a business analyst in Jamaica. Our plan was for my wife to continue working in Jamaica and come and visit later on but because Raheem got sick she had to take an unpaid leave from her job – we do not have any income coming in at this time. My child is being worked up for a liver assessment at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and my wife is being worked up to be the donor – at this time no surgery date has been made we are still at the assessment stage but thing’s are moving quickly.
I am asking for a flight back to Regina as I need to start school on Tuesday and talk with the school to see what can be done, I will also need to come back to Edmonton but a date has not been decided, it will depend on the surgery etc. Any support that can be provided at this stressful time is greatly appreciated.