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Flight #155

Daughters To Travel To See Father Who Is Palliative

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Flights of Compassion Required: 3

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 75,000

Points Raised: 75,000

Points to go: 0

Our dad Ed was a truck driver all of his life. Travelling many, many, miles, he has met a lot of great people and made many lifelong friends. In Dad’s later years things started changing. His long miles on the road and countless hours and days away from home started to wear on him. His last great feat was driving the water truck while Stoney Trail was being built. He put in long hours and loved every minute of it, but his body was getting tired. He had heart disease and during one of his checkups lung cancer was discovered. In early 2011, his doctor had sent him to do every imaginable test and very quickly. Luckily the cancer had not spread and the talk about operating was discussed. Dad had his lung surgery on Easter Monday 2011. It was a success, what a relief. Dad’s three daughters from Winnipeg along with a couple of the grandchildren, his daughter from Sherwood park and her family, and his daughter and son from Calgary all gathered to be with dad on May long weekend of 2011. The brightest biggest smile was my Dad’s look the whole weekend. He is a family man and nothing made him and the family happier than to be together celebrating the success of his surgery with him. It was still sad to see a big healthy man look so frail but we were VERY thankful he was still with us and that surgery went well.

On May 19th 2016 Dad was placed in Chinook hospice. It was very hard for us and it’s been quite a journey since. We have taken pictures and put them up in his room and tried to make it as homey as possible. He loves the staff, they are beyond great to him. He is happy and comfortable.  As of Sunday June 5th dad has declined greatly and is beyond scary. Mom and I just want to bring his daughters here to spend time with him before he passes. His breathing is becoming more labored his pain medicine has increased. One more family gathering before he passes would be an overwhelming blessing and we are grateful for a program like this to possibly make this happen.

I am writing to go spend time with my dad as he is in end stages of COPD. I think spending time with him now is very valuable for all of the family. I have not seen my dad in over a year and right now it’s important for us to be together. I want to be with my dad right now, I miss him and love him and this is breaking my heart being so far away from him right now.