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Flight #321

Daughter To Be With Mom

Lyon, France
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Flights of Compassion Required: 1

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 30,000

Points Raised: 30,000

Points to go: 0

I received an email Friday April 27th from my mum’s Doctor… My mum is on a final stage.
She’s the only parent I have and I don’t want to lose her. I can’t describe the pain inside me (my lungs, my belly, my throat…). She’s just 63, 64 on May 20th.
She’s my mum. She gave me everything. She wants the best for me and even though it was hard, she encouraged me to live in another country to have a better future. Because she’s my mum.

It started with a stomach cancer last year that unfortunately spread to the bones…
I went to visit her twice in 2017 and over time made a lot of personal sacrifice to be with her (professional, financial).
Over time, I realize that I can’t carry all this by myself. I am not ashamed anymore to ask for help because I can’t afford to be that proud.
I am not sure how much time we will have together and due to the emergency I already booked a one way ticket. I want to be with her as soon as possible so I leave on May 7th. I don’t want her to feel lonely in the hospital, she’s in so much pain, they started to give her morphine. I couldn’t wait because I am scared she won’t recognize me with these medicines. It breaks my heart.

When I heard about this program from cancer organizations, I stopped crying. I have nothing to lose. In Canada, I am a devoted and awarded volunteer for the city of Toronto (TIFF, Nuit Blanche, Canada Day) and I am a Canadian resident. I support people to make them happy. Now I need support to resume my life after what I am about to face in France.

So, yes I don’t hide anymore. I am now open to receive from complete strangers because this is probably the last time I will travel to see her. But you know what, in spite of what the doctor says, for me she’s not done yet. I do believe in miracles.
Life is beautiful, she is such a positive mind… She just forgot to take care of herself because she was busy caring for others…
Please acknowledge this message and send us love. Some people think they can’t give but even thoughts are powerful. Remember her, think about her and send your love.