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Flight #76

Daughter Supporting Family in Canada to See Father in Intensive Care in Philippines

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Manila, Philippines

Flights of Compassion Required: 1

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 90,000

Points Raised: 90,000

Points to go: 0

I’m Juhlip, I was born in the Philippines and eldest among my five siblings. I came here to Canada on a working visa, 10 years ago on October 2005. I  was only able to apply for my Canadian Citizenship this year due to financial constraints.  I wanted to go back to University here because I believe that having a good education will open many doors of opportunities for me.

I am the bread winner in my family back home, in addition to providing my immediate family’s basic needs. I also help one of my sisters to finish University back home. I am a part time student in Red River College and at the same time doing working two part time jobs. I am a very optimistic person when it comes to dealing with life trials but the past few weeks after learning that my dad is in critical condition in an  intensive care unit has been very difficult. I felt so helpless, there is this pain in my heart and I want to go home to support him but I am not financially capable of doing so. I don’t know  how am I going to deal with the probable worst case situation that might happen in the coming days.  I tried to be strong and file for my passport first and kept on praying that God will direct me to the right person or institution that could give me a hand and help me resolve my problem.

My mother told me that one of my dad’s last wishes before he was hospitalize was  to see me again. I wanted to fulfill my dad’s request but for now it will be impossible for me to do so without asking someone for help. I was so thankful that my friend gave me the information about ” Giveamile.org.” Her professor in University of Manitoba Dr. Kerstin Roger gave leaflets about your organization. I would be very grateful if at this tough time of my life, I would be given the opportunity to go home and see my dad again and be with my family at this difficult time in our life. Your institution asked me for family picture, but I can’t provide any for now because my family was affected by the typhoon Hayan so all those memories have been swept away by the storm. God bless all your hearts for giving a hand to a helpless person like me.