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Flight #153

Cousins Raised Together To Have One More Visit

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Flights of Compassion Required: 3

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 45,000

Points Raised: 45,000

Points to go: 0

Jean Michael is my cousin but he is like a real brother to me.  We grew up together in the same house. My mom is the twin sister of his mom.  When I learned the news of the cancer of Jean Michael I was devastated.  My wife, my children, and I spend all of our vacations with Jean Michael’s family.  We are very close and attached to him.  It’s very hard to be so far away in this kind of situation as we both work and have four children to take care of.  It’s very difficult to leave during the week and it’s also an expensive cost to travel by plane.  If Give A Mile can help us to go faster so we can see Jean Michel before he passes, we can at least have a couple of hours with him as he wishes.  We need to see him and show him all our love and care for him.  We put our hopes in your generosity and sympathy.