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Flight #528

Daughter to see dying Father

Pensacola, Florida, USA
San Francisco, California, USA

Flights of Compassion Required: 1

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 104,000

Points Raised: 104,000

Points to go: 0

I first left California at 22 without telling my family, and I knew they wouldn’t be supportive. My dad was my only encouraging, supportive source.
He wanted me to see different places. And he’s come to see me in Florida, Washington and Nevada; he drove there for just an hour to visit. I had last seen my father in person a year ago. I am getting married and planned to fly him out to be here… In January, he tested positive for covid-19 and has been in the hospital since. Due to very strict visiting rules, I have had a video call only talks and travelling to see him would have done no good cause it wasn’t allowed. 2 surgeries later, he is no longer able to speak clearly, so talks have gotten less. We have now been informed that he will not make it home or see me happily married. My heart is so heavy. He has fought this alone, and now that he is at the end, they will allow us to be there. He is the one always to remind me to be strong. Pick up and keep pushing. I need to show him I’m ok and be his strength at this time.