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Flight #326

Brother And Sister To See Their Grandmother One Last Time

London, Ontario, Canada
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Flights of Compassion Required: 2

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 50,000

Points Raised: 50,000

Points to go: 0

My brother (Dennis ) and I would really appreciate a flight to visit our nanny June Shipston one last time.

When our nanny moved out west from Thunder Bay, it was a great thing for her but has made it difficult for us to be able to see her very often. The last time she was able to travel to Ontario I was not able to get to Thunder Bay, where she was, and now have not seen her in 7 years. This breaks my heart. Both my brother and I have young families, which makes the cost of travel out west a burden. Driving is too far and would be challenging to be away that long from our families.

I have been having difficulty dealing with the realty that nanny doesn’t have much time left. Having my brother travel with me would be much needed emotional and family support, as well as physical support for my knee injury. The gift of this flight would be such an amazing thing during this sad time. We would both remember this and be grateful for it for the rest of our lives.