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Flight #152

Best Friends To Be Together During Palliative Illness

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Flights of Compassion Required: 1

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 15,000

Points Raised: 15,000

Points to go: 0

I am the one person who has stuck by Judie through thick and thin. Judie considers me family and I feel like family to Judie. We met in grade 11 when I moved to Victoria with my family in 1980. We became good friends and did everything together. Either I was at her house or she was at mine. We were like sisters and my parents treated her like their own daughter. She was always welcome.  The summer after graduation, I went to the Okanagan for the summer and she went out to Ontario to see her brother. While she was there, she met her husband Kevin and ended up staying there. We always kept in touch and she would send me pictures of her kids so I could see them grow up.

I was so happy when I heard they were moving to Nanaimo and we would get to see each other more often. It didn’t matter where we were living or how long we had been apart, as soon as we got together again, it was like no time had passed.

Judie and Kevin split up and eventually she met Duffy. I was so glad she found someone to make her so happy. Once again, she moved back to the island for a while and we got to see each other on a more regular basis. Over the years, Judie always seemed to be dealing with one health issue or another and they were always pretty serious. Whether it was a stroke or a brain tumor, she always seemed to bounce back. But not this time. I was devastated to hear how bad things had become.

I admire her strength with everything she has been through and is going through. I am just so glad she has had Duffy there to help her through it all. She has been a rock for her and I know how much Judie appreciates all she does.

I am so looking forward to surprising her and spend some quality time together.