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Flight #403

A Woman To See Her Sister

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Flights of Compassion Required: 1

Travel Loyalty Points Required: 25,000

Points Raised: 25,000

Points to go: 0

I’m trying to fly to my sister Jennifer, who is currently in hospital with a collapsed lung. The doctor says the drain they have in isn’t working and the leaking fluid around her lungs could be very bad. I really need to get to her. I am so blessed and thankful I have the opportunity for a chance at this flight to Edmonton Alberta!!!!!!!

My sister and I have a bond like no other. Whatever she feels I do as well. I love her dearly and I keep her spirits strong. I don’t let her give up even on days she thinks she is giving up as she knows when I’m there that giving up isn’t an option!!!!

She lost her hair so I  shaved all of my hair off as well to some her love and support on her journey. This is why I call it “our story.”