Reuniting Brothers Across Continents

Flight Story #1101

From Hong Kong to Calgary – 166,696 Aeroplan Points

Wai Shing Sizto’s journey from Hong Kong to Calgary transcends miles; it’s a voyage of brotherly love and reminiscence. For over 15 years, Wai and his brother Edward have lived worlds apart, separated by oceans and life’s circumstances. Edward, now in Calgary, is courageously battling stage 4 metastatic cancer, a fight marked by hardships and resilience since his diagnosis in 2022. Despite enduring aggressive treatments, his condition continues to challenge him, leaving him mostly bedridden and longing for comfort.
Wai, residing in Hong Kong, has witnessed life’s trials firsthand. Losing their parents at a young age, the brothers’ bond strengthened as they supported each other. Edward’s move to Canada for education and later employment was a proud yet challenging journey. Wai recalls a poignant moment from their youth when Edward selflessly offered his blood for a life-saving transfusion during Wai’s hospital emergency. Such acts of brotherly love have never faded from Wai’s memory.
Today, as Edward faces his toughest battle, Wai yearns to reunite, to relive the joys of their shared childhood, and to offer the comfort that only a brother’s presence can bring. This flight, more than a physical journey, represents a heartfelt desire to reignite cherished memories and reaffirm the unbreakable bond they share. Through the generosity of donors and the Give A Mile program, this reunion is not just a wish but a hopeful reality, a testament to the power of love and the strength of family ties.

Every donation helps people reach their loved ones for one last hug, smile, and farewell.​

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