Dean Albrecht

I was approved for a flight, but friends insisted on having me flight away from others so I passed on the flight out so someone else could use the miles.

I am so thankful. All things considered I have been quite fortunate. Like many, I have had some gnarly surgeries, and have sought other treatments and I seem to have bought some time contrary to what I was told in the beginning. Phew, I got to see my twin daughters graduate from high school. I am a single dad and have had them since getting them to myself overnight when they were in grade 3. So after my diagnosis I went full throttle in anything and everything that I could do to stay alive, my goal was to see them graduate high school and somehow help them launch into the real world as young adults as I was basically leaving them as orphans,  I spent extra time assembling teams to look after them and check on them and lobbying the school district to allow them to go to school (did you know that in BC if you are not in a home with a guardian, they don’t let kids attend school. With no family out here to take them we were going for it. They started working full time and attending high school part time to work around the law. They both graduated and both got academic scholarships to help offset the costs of university. They are determined kids. Anyway, everyone has a story and a journey, and such is life. I am incredibly grateful for being able to live this one each extra day that I am granted. There are people far worse off than I am now and when I can I try and help them.  

Now, if there were only some types of cures that would be awesome. I volunteer helping others when I can and make phone calls and send out emails to help others which gives me purpose. I admire what you and your team do. It is incredibly valuable. Thanks once again for the consideration. 

Departing: Vancouver, BC

Arriving: Toronto, ON

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