Katherene’s Final Embrace: San Francisco to Honolulu

From San Francisco, CA to Honolulu, HI

Katherene Ortiz is set to embark on an emotionally charged journey from San Francisco to Honolulu. Her aunt, Patricia Johnson, who has been like a mother to her, is in hospice care, bravely facing terminal cancer. Having exhausted her funds earlier in caring for her aunt, Katherene now seeks assistance for this crucial visit. This flight represents more than just travel; it’s about Katherene’s chance to comfort her aunt, to hold her tight one more time, and to express her profound gratitude and love. Your contribution in miles can help fulfill Katherene’s wish to be there in these final, precious moments.
Let’s support Katherene in saying her heartfelt goodbye, a gesture that carries immense emotional value for both her and her beloved aunt. #MilesOfLove

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