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Flight Credits

Use Your Expiring Flight Credits to
Give the Gift of a Final Goodbye

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a number of organizations are faced
with growing lists of flight credits.


If your team won't be returning to travel before they lapse, there is
a meaningful way for them to be utilized.

How It Works

  1. Contact Give A Mile by phone or email.

  2. We connect you with our partner Elite Travel Management. They then use their expertise to analyze your credits and confirm their transferability.

  3. The Give A Mile team associates your credits to one of our flight stories, providing you updates on your donation outcome.

  4. Feel great in your heart knowing that you gave someone the chance to see a loved one in a time of need.



Who is Give A Mile?

We are a group of dedicated volunteers who believe strongly in the
power of visits from loved ones for people in palliative or critical
condition. To date, we have provided over 720 flights for those in


As a registered charity in Canada & the United States, all donations
with a monetary value will be given a tax receipt.



Who is Elite Travel Management?

Founded and headquartered in Calgary, Canada, Elite provides a
corporate travel experience which is hallmarked by the human.

With a 2020 WestJet Teal Award and long standing relationships
with all major suppliers, they are the experts on all things travel.



Contact Us Today:

P: 1-877-545-3050
E: [email protected]