Japman Bajaj

18,000 points raised of 25,000 point goal

Japman has set a goal of raising 25,000 points to help support the cost associated with a providing a flight of compassion. Thank you for your support!
Any gift of miles, points or cash is accepted below.  Thanks to our founding partner, Air Canada, Aeroplan points can be donated immediately by direct transfer from your account. All other travel miles or loyalty points must be pledged.  That means you commit them to us and if/when we have enough pooled for a flight, our booking agent will reach out to you to help us utilize them.  Cash donations in CDN or USD are also appreciated and charitable receipts will be issued for any donation over $20.

Campaign Supporters

Anonymous donated $5.
12 Sep 2023
Anonymous donated $25.
12 Sep 2023
Premdeep Saran donated $175.
12 Dec 2022
Anonymous donated $250.
12 Nov 2022
Japman Bajaj donated 5,000 Aeroplan Points.
11 Nov 2022

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