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Donate To Flight

When Miles and/or money is DONATED to MAKE FLIGHTS happen, 100% of it is used for just that. We are currently are able to make flights happen with Aeroplan Miles as we are part of their Beyond Miles pooling program. You can transfer your miles to us for $0 fee. On average a flight takes 25,000 miles to happen. Minimum number of miles you can transfer is 1,000. If you do not have miles, please consider making a cash donation. $40.00 is the equivalent of 1,000 miles. Give A Mile is committed to ensure that 100% of your donation goes to fund flights, period. We raise funds to run our operations and cover expenses separately. You can know that when you help fund a flight you are making an amazing compassionate outcome happen.


  • The email you are sending your info to is [email protected]
  • The STORY CODE to use is Sorry, no code available.
  • Please copy the STORY CODE and the number of MILES you donated into the subject line of the message you are sending us