Your Donation
Makes a Difference

Since Give A Mile was started in 2013, we have delivered over 730 flights of compassion to over 150 countries and counting on almost every continent! We are committed to our vision of donating one billion miles for loved ones in need, which wouldn’t be possible without your support.

There are many ways you can help Give A Mile deliver the gift of a final goodbye. No matter how you choose to give, from donating airline miles and hotel loyalty points to donating a dollar amount of your choice, your generosity will help us give families time with their loved ones.

How It Works

Donate your airline miles, credit card points, or travel vouchers. We accept Aeroplan Miles through our direct partnership with Air Canada. We are developing deal with United Airlines, and relationships with other vendors. We accept donations from a variety of frequent flyer and rewards programs through our Pledge Program

Donations of cash also allow Give A Mile to make these flights of compassion happen, and also to cover travel-related taxes and fees that must be paid in cash. Your monetary donation is tax deductible and encouraged if it’s the most efficient way to support our cause.

How Aeroplan Point Donations Work

  • Sit back while Give A Mile finds a match for your donation! Our volunteers work directly with hospice programs and will field direct requests to find the family your miles or points can support.
  • Give the gift of a final goodbye. 

Don’t have Aeroplan miles?

You can also donate your other airline miles to help Give A Mile make these flights of compassion happen.
Simply fill out the form below to pledge your miles and we will be in touch with you when we can match them up with a flight.
Once we have matched your donation with a family in need, we’ll work with you to book a flight using your miles or points. Our team of experts in all things travel rewards and reservations will either book the flight for you or help you get the ball rolling so you can create a life-changing experience for your flight recipient.

Donate Aeroplan Miles

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