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village brewery beer campaign




Village Brewery, Pig and Duke and Give A Mile present



Buy Beer and Give the Gift of A Final Goodbye

A portion of the proceeds will support flights so that families can be together during the final days of life.

For over Five years, the Pig & Duke pubs and Village Brewery have been huge supporters of Give A Mile.

They have stepped up again!

Village Brewery created reservoir Pigs Pilsner exclusively for the Pig and Duke.

For a limited time, the Reservoir Pigs Pilsner will be rebranded and proceeds will flow to Give A Mile to support flights for families.


This great beer is only available at the pubs or the brewery – exclusive and awesome!

You can enjoy the same great beer, knowing that proceeds from sales will provide flights for families to share a final good bye.

Enter to Win an Exclusive Prize Pack of Beer and Brewery/Pub Swag!

  • 18 years of age to enter – proof of age required
  • All fields are required

The proceeds will go to supporting Flight’s such as these stories:


My son’s and Grandson have not been under the same roof with me for 11 years you made it possible, the public and their generosity made it possible. Miracles upon Miracles occurred in the week that they were here gratitude is off the charts I can’t even begin to tell you physically how awesome I felt well they were here. Cancer did not win, taking over my time with my sons and grandson. Thanks to everybody who donated, it is such a blessing thank you over and over again. …………We talked about everything. We talked about their future, about legacies; we talked about love. We did a massive amount of reminiscing and it brought back beautiful memories and feelings of those memories came to surface. It was incredible, the entire week was the most profound, powerful, loving week I have ever put in. There’s just no words to explain it. This miracle that all these people made happen makes it even better…… But the best and most we got enjoyment from was just being together, just sitting at (my son) Andrew’s place or at my place and just being together. Sitting next to my son, just chatting up instead of having to text message all the time, having my grandson snuggle up to me and just talk. I was able to give him pointers for the future. That’s such a gift. May god bless each and everyone of you ’’ – Mar

My Mother’s Last Wish Is To Be Reunited With Her Daughters One Last Time

My mother has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and is in the last days of her life in palliative care.  My sister Lee-Ann lives in Ontario and she just cannot afford the airfare to fly to Calgary to see our mother one last time. It breaks my heart to not be able to fulfill my mom’s one last wish, which is to have all of her children by her bedside for a final visit and good-bye. Thank you for considering our ask GAM.

I’m Hoping To See My Mom In ICU

My mother is currently in intensive care, on a breathing tube and unconscious. She has been in ICU for several weeks now and there is only me and my sister left in our immediate family. She’s very sick and the doctors feel that having a family member there to support and talk to her is critcal at this time, My mom is much loved by so many and we know that she has lots of life left. She’s warm and compassionate and would give you the world, especially to her grandkids!  She’s been a ballet teacher most of her life and has given so much to so many. We’d like to give some of that back to her during this very stressful time. Thank you for considering our ask GAM.

My Dad Is In The Last Days Of His Life

My father, whom I last saw in 2016,  is very sick. Yesterday morning, I got the terrible news that although he was being released from hospital, he was being transferred back to his nursing home to go into palliative care. At this point, it is just a matter of time before he passes away. I would very much love to see my father before he passes away and to be there to support my siblings and mom during this difficult time.

Unfortunately, due to COVID 19,  I am on Alberta Works and still searching for work. COVID 19 combined with the recession here, has made it tough to get a break! Thank you for considering my ask GAM.

Our Much Loved Baby Needs Both Her Parents During This Difficult Time

Parleen was born on November 10, 2016 at 30 weeks and 3 days gestation, 2.5 months early. During our last month of pregnancy, we were told the devastating news that our baby would be born with CHARGE syndrome. CHARGE syndrome is a rare syndrome caused by a genetic disorder.

To date, our baby girl has overcome 3 major surgeries and she pulled through with them strength and she has also surprised us all with how well she has recovered.

Unfortunately, we recently found out that Parleen requires yet another surgery on her airway as she has severe tracheomalacia and, that this surgery will need to be performed in Boston, as it isn’t available yet in Canada.

Baby Parleen will need to be transported by air ambulance to Boston and only one of us can accompany her on the plane. Our finances have been significantly strained by needing to take so much time away from work and we just can’t afford a plane ticket to and from Boston for the second parent. We both feel that Parleen needs both her mom and dad by her side and we also need each other during this very challenging time. Thank you for considering our ask GAM.

Toronto to Philly, I’m The Only Support That My Sister In Law Has

My sister-in law is a single mother who works hard and raises her two daughters on her own. Her daughter, Alana was born with Down Syndrome and was also diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 7.  She completed her three year chemotherapy treatment plan but unfortunately, has recently had a relapse of her leukemia.  Alana and her mother now need to travel to Philadelphia for a new treatment using CAR-T Cells, which is not available in Canada. Doctors believe that this treatment gives Alana the best chances for survival.

I have been a care provider for Alana since she was born and have developed a close relationship with Alana as a trusted adult in her life. Alana is non-verbal and at times it can be hard to know what Alana’s needs are. Because I spend so much time with her, I’ve been able to generally suss out when she is happy or sad, what she likes and dislikes and I am able to comfort and calm her when she is upset. Traveling to Philadelphia for this treatment will be an overwhelming time for Alana and her mother as   Alana needs hands on care at all times. I would dearly love to accompany my sister-in-law to Philly as an additional care provider for Alana and to be on hand as an emotional support for my sister also. I know that this will ease the stress and burden that this trip will create.  Thank you for considering my ask GAM. 


Special thanks to all of our sponsors